Everyone has a story to tell.

We believe in stories. Let me correct that: We believe in the power of stories. A good story will change the way you look at the world. It will inspire new ideas, pull at your heartstrings, and get your blood pumping. The power that a story holds, that is what Oddity Productions is all about.

Danny Pakulski

Founder, Writer & Director

Danny started Oddity with the hope that he could share stories with the world. Through short films such as "A Life In Paint" which premiered on PBS and game-changing advertising, Danny has garnered a reputation as a passionate, creative, and ambitious filmmaker. With a passion for story and an eye for the cinematic moment, coupled with a love of music, nature, and writing, Danny keeps the creative juices flowing at Oddity.

Simon Yahn

Executive Producer,
Director of Photography

With a degree in Motion Picture Science and Film Production experience from RIT, Simon uses the science of light and film equipment to make Oddities into realities. His contributions and work at advanced production facilities with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and RIT's MAGIC Spell Studios provide critical experience in operating cameras and equipment, editing, coloring, and mastering the image. His extensive set experience and technical knowledge helps keep the ship sailing smoothly on Oddity productions. 

Liam O'Brien
Partner, Director of
Business Development

An Erie-born entrepreneur, Liam has helped Oddity gain recognition and has led its business development strategies. With experience working with start-ups in Latin America, he brings a differentiated skillset to Oddity that promotes the aggressive growth of Oddity and their clients. While pursuing an international business and finance dual major at Penn State Behrend, Liam keeps Oddity’s operations organized, productive, and professional.