We believe in stories.


We create videos that tell unforgettable stories.

Oddity Productions is a group of young, ambitious, motivated filmmakers that are trained in the industry and are primed to create content that expands the mind and touches the soul. We are always driven to tell the next great story with dynamic, colorful, breathtaking visuals and motivating, impactful ideas. As proud Erie citizens, we hope to help not only our local businesses but also to fuel the Erie film community and help more Erie filmmakers gain the attention and platform to share their art with the world.

We specialize in creating professional and creative advertisements, telling stories for products and services for your businesses. From virtual tours to company stories we will deliver a product that will stick with an audience.
Film is our passion. We want to create stories to leave an impact. Our mission is to put our hearts and souls into our craft and leave the world with new ideas and inspiration.
Music Videos
Film is all about the audio-visual experience. As avid musicians ourselves, we love to help artist create beautiful and vibrant stories to elevate their music to the next level. 
Odds and Ends
We offer many other types of media content for your personal or commercial needs. We are well-equipped to make high-quality testimonial pieces, social media content, still photography, and drone footage.

"donations saw a 150% increase"

- Presque Isle Partnership


"young industry professionals"

- Erie Brewing Company


"high quality, effective, and creative"

- Advanced Finishing, USA


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We're a video production company based in Erie, PA that specializes in creative filmmaking and advertising.

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